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Pick Eco Refills

Chilliwack, BC Best Innovation:
Top 10 Semi-Finalist
Employees: 5 In Business Since: 2018

Many people are trying to reduce their garbage, yet there is a sneaky way plastic is getting into our homes. Of course this is through our weekly grocery shopping. So PickEco Refills has turned the idea of what a grocery store is on its head. We never send customers out the door with unwanted garbage, we refill customer’s own containers or provide them with pre-sanitized reused containers. The shopping experience at PickEco is personal and friendly, there are no self check outs. There is a children’s play area and a table and chairs for customers to relax, or let their children play. Instead of 25,000 square feet, we have a small yet effective 2500 square foot space with a variety of products. Who really wants to choose between 140 different types of Shampoo? We find this shopping experience leaves our customers feeling taken care of. Grocery shopping does not need to be a negative and harried experience; it can be fun, warm and innovative, and most importantly, waste free.

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