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Pathfinder Endeavours Ltd.

Prince George, BC Best Innovation:
Employees: 20 In Business Since: 1997

Pathfinder Endeavours Ltd. is a locally owned and operated resource and asset management company in Prince George, BC.  Having worked in a range of sectors including forestry, oil and gas and utilities, they stand out in integrated vegetation management.  Invasive species are recognized globally as the second greatest threat to biodiversity after direct habitat loss due to humans. Pathfinder has designed and built a fully automated rinse station to mitigate invasive weed transference off a major construction site in northeastern BC.  The rinse station has the capacity to wash light duty vehicles and large industrial equipment, preventing the spread of invasive plant material and seeds off site.  Water is recycled on site through a series of holding tanks, there is no negative effects to the environment.  Pathfinder has also incorporated other innovative strategies to invasive weed management such as using biological agents to control infestations in unique environments.  Pathfinder is a leader in the integrated vegetation management industry and backs scientific research and development of new chemistries and technologies.

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