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Mommy Brain Creatives Inc.

Vancouver, BC Best Innovation:
Top 10 Semi-Finalist
Employees: 1 In Business Since: 2016

What happens when you take two busy boys, a planned long-haul international flight, and a love of Lego? You get Fun N’Fly! Well, at least the very first prototype.

Back in December of 2015, Mommy Brain Creatives Inc. Founder Anita Fu, a seasoned air traveler, was preparing to travel to Asia solo with her two young children in tow. The boys – aged three and five – loved Lego with a passion and wanted to bring some along on their trip. One week before leaving, Anita realized that she needed something to keep all the Lego pieces contained while en route.

After returning, and sharing the tray with a few friends for their own flights, Anita realized that there was a need on the market for her product. In early 2016, she reached out to a friend in Hong Kong who also ran a well known toy company of her own, to help make her dream come true. After working through a number of different prototypes and fine tuning the product’s development, the finished Fun N’ Fly Foldable Travel Tray was ready for introduction to the market in the fall of 2016. It is now available online and in select retail stores.

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