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Lifeguard Health

Vancouver, BC Best Innovation:
Employees: 11 In Business Since: 2017

LifeGuard Health has created the only smartphone application designed to combat the opioid crisis endorsed by and developed in partnership with BC Emergency Health Services. An innovative idea that connects drug users to emergency services has developed into an app that has already saved lives. In the last two years, we have invested in developments to improve user experience based on direct user feedback.  For example, beta testing revealed different needs for different user groups, and an entirely new version of the app was subsequently developed for users in sheltered housing environments. This version includes simple changes like larger buttons for users, admin dashboards for sheltered housing staff members, and features that give the user more control of their experience. These changes, driven from in-person engagement and usage data, made with agile development methodology are examples of rapid improvements that make it back into the users’ hands.

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