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Honest Camper

Coquitlam, BC Best Innovation:
Employees: 2 In Business Since: 2017

Innovation: The most popular lifestyle hashtag on Instagram is #vanlife. We took this concept and found a niche where the typical ‘large motorhome’ experience lacked. We took the trendy concept of Minimalism (see Netflix docs etc) and married this with #vanlife and created a rental business in the unparalleled nature of the Pacific North West.

Adoption: Shockingly, upon research of many small market competitors, almost none were using an online booking & e-commerce system so we created efficiency with ours and integrated that. Our fleet also has smaller environmental impact than typical motorhomes.

Collaboration: We’ve collaborated with other companies such as Mountain Equipment Co-op (van + rock climbing event showcase), Pacific Surf School (camp and surf packages), WIRTH Hats (van used for a mental health related bike race) among others. We’ve also utilized social media platforms such as Instagram to collaborate with ‘influencers’ who’s audiences align with ours and our values.

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