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Freebird Safety Services

Chilliwack, BC Best Innovation:
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Between 2009 and 2018, 13 roadside workers were killed and 213 were injured in BC alone. With this device, these numbers will decrease and lives will be saved. When working at night, especially around fast-moving traffic passing by from 30 to 70 km/h increases the hazard rate 10-fold. These injuries and fatalities are totally preventable now. Being extremely visible, almost glowing is everything.

Introducing the  LED Hard Hat Light System. A Hard Hat with LED strip lights secure with double sided adhesive tape. Visible from 360° from 500 meters away (in clear conditions). Designed for traffic flaggers, night shift road workers, tow truck drivers and others working in the dark. High Visual jackets and vest are only reflexive when a light source is directed at them. Inmost cases that would be the lights of the oncoming vehicles. The SEEME-NOW hard hat dramatically increases the illuminating reflective properties of a workers high visual PPE. Thus, making the worker more visible to on coming traffic from a distance, mobile equipment on site, and other workers. Using white light in front, amber /yellow in the rear and sides, others will know which way your facing, such as the “X” diagram on the rear of a high vis vest.

Powered by a rechargeable 12-volt DC battery pack that’s smaller than the area of an android S8 phone at only ¾ of an inch thick. With a power duration from a house charger lasting more then a regular 8-hour shift, they’ll always see you when you’re wearing the SEEME-NOW Hard Hat. If needed a 12-volt car charger can be purchased at any electronic store. After all, isn’t that the pure definition of “Safety on the Job”

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