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Vancouver, BC, BC Best Innovation:
Employees: 6 In Business Since: 2016

CutterShare is poised to transform the way woodworkers across North America access tooling.

At present, thousands of wood shops across North America are forced to make hard decisions on cost versus quality on their cutting tools. CutterShare empowers these woodworkers to use the best-quality tools on a short-term basis- a game-changer for woodworkers who can now embrace “Uncompromising Craftsmanship”. CutterShare is poised to lead a revolution in overall asset utilization, eliminating waste, redundancy, and needless spending, as woodworkers are free to spend less to work with the best-quality tools.

CutterShare embodies the best qualities of the “Sharing” economy, democratizing use of world-class quality tools while greatly improving the utilization of valuable assets. Beyond that, CutterShare creates community, when its members share their knowledge and experiences, connecting over their shared creativity and love of craftsmanship.

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