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AVA Technologies Inc.

Vancouver, BC Best Innovation:
Employees: 10 In Business Since: 2016

Growing food sustainably for the increasingly urbanized population is a daunting challenge yet to be solved. Seasonality, decrease in arable land, and inconsistent yields challenge farmers today.

AVA has figured out a way to help anyone, anywhere reduce costs to grow crops, AND grow it in less time, with better flavour, more sustainably than even organic. How?

We created AVA Byte, an AI-enabled smart indoor garden equipped with sensors that helps us collect the datasets. Think Nespresso for gardening, meets Apple design, with a Tesla-like auto-growing software.

Our growing technology is revolutionary, allowing us to be the first to grow mushrooms and microgreens.

When we announced Byte to the world, 14,000 interested buyers signed up in under 2 months. To date, we’ve pre-sold $122,000 and counting to 25 – 45 year old young parents looking for a way to grow their green thumbs with their kids, and change their foodprint for the better!

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