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APOLLO Exchange

Vancouver, BC Best Innovation:
Top 10 Semi-Finalist
Employees: 11 In Business Since: 2017

APOLLO has built proprietary technology — a digital Exchange that allows brokers to place multiple, diverse insurance coverage lines from several different insurance carriers. Every product is immediate quote, immediate bind, and immediate policy issuance, online and in real time, without brokers and clients having to wait for an underwriter to assess the data. This brings the wait time for clients from up to 6 weeks down to 5 minutes. To accomplish this, Apollo has partnered with several insurance carriers to supply product, and works with them to translate traditional applications to a digital format. We believe in the role of the broker in transacting insurance business, but that necessary advice and counsel they provide should be augmented by a fast, easy to use digital interface. To date, APOLLO has partnered with over 100 brokerages, with over 800 individual broker users, and partnered with 9 insurance carriers to supply product.

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