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Ampersand Distilling Company

Duncan, BC Best Innovation:
Employees: 5 In Business Since: 2014

Ampersand Distilling Company stands out in the craft distilling field having designed and built their 1000L pot still and 500L column still. With engineering backgrounds, Jeremy and Stephen Schacht have created a hand crafted distillery where they create hand crafted spirits. The packed column still is unique and implements technology that so far as they know has not been used on this scale anywhere else in the world. This still allows them to achieve maximum efficiency in their distillation and create a superior flavor profile for their award winning spirits. They’ve also incorporated other innovative strategies such as fermenting off the grain to donate spent grain to local farmers for livestock feed, as well as collaborating with other innovative businesses like Rathjen Cellars to create Imperative Dry Vermouth – British Columbia’s first dry vermouth. Always on the cutting edge of fermentation, distillation, and recipe development, Ampersand Distilling Company is a leader in the industry.

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