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The Velvet Underground

Whistler, BC Best Immigrant Entrepreneur:
Top 10 Semi-Finalist
Employees: 2 In Business Since: 2016

The Velvet Underground should win because they hustle like no other, the business is hell-bent on making a huge global impact inspiring communities worldwide to live a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle.
Started and built off what other businesses would consider pocket change the business bootstraps day in day out hitting as many different platforms with their mission as possible, whether it be through selling vintage clothing, upcycling clothing with their clothing brand HMU apparel, making everything from scratch in their plant-based cafe, supporting and selling products by other small sustainable businesses, inspiring self-expression and a sense of community hosting music events, and blasting their message on a number of social platforms. The business is built by soloprenuer Amy who moved to Canada 6 years ago by herself and who continues to advocate for women in business going at it alone, the business and its founder show grit and determination, a real-life underdog.

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