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The Scribesmith

Surrey, BC Best Immigrant Entrepreneur:
Employees: 1 In Business Since: 2019

Starting a business isn’t easy.

Starting a business as a fresh graduate with no business experience, after moving to a country 7000 miles away from where you were raised, is about as far as you can get from easy.

Stir in family issues (like Eman nearly losing her mother), learning to navigate a new tax system (Eman was raised in Qatar, and had never paid taxes before), and being a young, Indian Muslim woman in a world where that carries increasingly poor connotations, building The Scribesmith has been a labour of love.

Now, The Scribesmith has a small team, spread over three continents. We work with clients from across the world helping them optimize their digital marketing, and create campaigns that get them air-punching bottomlines.

From Day 1, we’ve been committed to giving back. We started by adopting an animal from the World Wildlife Fund for every client we worked with, and now we help women fund their own education and entrepreneurial ventures through Kiva.

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