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Vancouver, BC Best Immigrant Entrepreneur:
Top 10 Semi-Finalist
Employees: 2 In Business Since: 2015

Business: is the only platform that connects top technical talent with disabilities to inclusive employers. 1.3 billion people globally have disabilities (physical, mental, chronic or neurological) — representing 15% of the US/Canadian workforce but have 2.6X higher unemployment due to stigma. However, they also have a 30-70% better job retention rate, saving $100K+ in H.R. costs per hire, and drive 30%+ increase in revenue. NextBillion is supported by Queen Elizabeth II, the Founders of the Internet, the ex-CFO of California, Roddenberry Foundation (creator of original StarTrek), and Stanford. Customers include Microsoft, Hootsuite, Slack, etc.

Naitik Mehta is a 22-year old entrepreneur from India. He got his first tech job at age 13, skipped high school to be a founder and was denied 7 U.S. visas from attending the world’s best design university. He moved to Canada, worked at Facebook & Microsoft, has won 30+ awards in tech and is the CEO of

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