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Vancouver, BC Best Immigrant Entrepreneur:
Employees: 7 In Business Since: 2012

Moving2Canada founder, Ruairi Spillane, moved to Vancouver in 2008 to take up a role in finance. Life was good, but something was missing. He kept wondering why nobody was providing newcomers to Canada with information from the exploring stage all the way to long-term settlement. With entrepreneurial zeal, Ruairi built a network that filled those gaps in knowledge.
Since launching in 2012, has been the one-stop shop for free, impartial information and resources to make the transition to Canada enjoyable and simple. We offer job postings, a Getting Started Guide and articles covering every step of the journey. On Facebook, thousands of people offer advice and support to one another in Moving2Canada’s discussion forums.
Remembering the uncertainty and excitement of our own move to Canada, we get what it takes to make a successful transition from other countries, and we have created a support network that offers advice to the new-to-Canada segment.
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