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Mansouri Immigration Firm

Vancouver, BC Best Immigrant Entrepreneur:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 18 In Business Since: 2014

Hadi Mansouri started Mansouri Canadian Immigration Services in 2014. Before starting his practice, Hadi attended two schools, studying two programs (Paralegal and Immigration Practitioner.) He graduated with honours and won the president’s award at his college. Later, he won other awards and appeared as the keynote speaker at various events. He started this business in Gatineau, QC and after a while, moved it to Ottawa, ON. In 2016, the business relocated to Vancouver and continued to grow in BC. Hadi currently manages Mansouri Immigration Firm, Mansouri Holdings LTD and teaches the Immigration Practitioner Programat the CDI college.

The business currently employs 18 staff and has represented clients from more than 27 countries. Mansouri Immigration Firm is an active sponsor of cultural activities, a supporter of many pro bono cases involving low-income applicants. our firm also offers all of its services to international students completely free of charge; these services include assisting the applicant with applying to various educational programs in addition to assisting and representing them with their study permit and visa applications. We offer a full range of immigration and citizenship services from appeals and detention reviews to business and family classes. Our revenue has raised more than 100% each year and continues to grow.

Apart from the exemplary leadership in our firm, our key to success has been our employees! We cherish our team and care a great deal about each and every one of our co-workers. We thrive to create a family-like environment at our workplace and the result has been magnificent. Our employees treat our business and our clients like their own. Our team members and their dedication and love for what they do are the principal reason for our growth and the spectacular support that we continue to receive from our clients and the community. We believe in a diverse team in all of its meanings. We continue to hire team members regardless of them being a member of a particular minority, but based on their skills and qualities.

We not only made a great impact on our employees’ and clients’ lives but also, we have contributed to British Columbia’s economy by facilitating the immigration of many entrepreneurs and international students. Both of these groups make significants financial and economical contributions to BC and Canada.  Ever since Hadi Mansouri landed in Canada, he tried to be the best he can by studying hard;  volunteering; helping others at school and lather in his practice; supporting the vulnerable buy offering free-of-charge services to clients who cannot afford our fees, and by supporting cultural events in the community. As a landed immigrant, Hadi Mansouri has created a very successful firm, a well-known brand and the opportunity of having well-paid and enjoyable careers for his team. We believe that Hadi should win this year’s Best Entrepreneur Immigrant Award.


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