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High Beam Dreams

Gibsons, BC Best Immigrant Entrepreneur:
Employees: 1 In Business Since: 2016

At the end of 2016 we bought the church building on sale in our town Gibsons, BC with the aim to renovate and redevelop an old building into a space that is useful and beneficial to the community here. For Stage 1 we built a much needed day care for 32 children and then went on build the Arts/Events side of the project. We have worked 20 hours days for 3 years and today our company 1099068 BC Ltd has re-purposed the whole building into the following:

1) Day Care for 32 kids- Leased out to Natural Connections Childcare Center
2) High Beam Dreams – Events, Arts and Wedding Space. We now regularly host and support artists and musicians at HBD. (Insta/FB: @HighBeamDreams)
3) Namaste Art – Fair Trade Arts & Crafts (Insta: @NamasteArtGibsons)
4) Suite – Designed for resident artists from around the word to live and play, perform, create at HBD
5) Cafe – Coming Soon

Till date we have not applied for a dollar in grants.

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