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Beanery Coffehouse and Eatery

Coquitlam, BC Best Immigrant Entrepreneur:
Employees: 3 In Business Since: 2019

Beanery is a true hidden gem and committed to providing the best community experience. With excellent reviews, we have blog mentions in foodology, park bench, Narcity Vancouver, Province & Vancouver Sun as the top 30 sandwich places of Metro Vancouver, and won the best Fusion by Tricities A-list. It is not unusual at Beanery for customers to be greeted by name and have their personal story of how Beanery became “their cafe”. Customers even volunteered to help renovate the entire business just on the basis of goodwill – a testimony to how we have won hearts across the community. Most sauces and meats are cooked in-house, the dough is handmade, packaging is biodegradable and our ingredients are local and ethically sourced. The strong belief remains however that this is not our selling point or marketing trick but our duty to the environment to reduce food waste and footprint. Our motto is excellence in the product and respecting the land and people that make Beanery everyone’s cafe.

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