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withinUs Natural Health

Burnaby, BC Best Employer:
Employees: 12 In Business Since: 2013

Proud to be recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada, withinUs Natural Health values integrity, passion, ownership, teamwork and the work culture is a fiercely trusting one. An impeccable example of a desired workplace that has lead the company to affluence while honouring and celebrating all those involved in the process. They offer flexible start times, extended lunch breaks to attend appointments or pick up children and can work around student’s schedules. There are copious opportunities for growth with funding that can go towards furthering education and sending employees on trips to meet with industry experts. The open office space contains a kitchen with snacks, a smoothie station, and beverages available to staff. A complimentary 10 session work out plan is offered to full time employees and the office is conveniently close to transit and secured parking is provided. Passion, hard work, core values and attitude will always override experience at withinUs.

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