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Wicks Electric

Vancouver, BC Best Employer:
Employees: 17 In Business Since: 2012

At Wicks Electric we highly value our employees and strive to ensure their job satisfaction and success. We have bi-weekly staff meetings, one on one sit downs monthly to provide and receive feedback, discuss issues and brainstorm on employee and employer improvements. We have each employee complete a PI test, which identifies individual strengths, personality types and going though the results together helps us place that person in a role in which they are suited and will thrive, either in a leadership or secondary role. We pay above average wages and have individually assessed wage increases. We do regular profit sharing based on the profitability of a project in which the whole team for that project receives a bonus. We have regular team lunches and social gatherings. We offer employer paid benefits. We share motivational, spiritual and health centred books and podcasts. We support our apprentices by matching them with our Journeymen who take the time to encourage and teach.

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