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Thrive Now Physiotherapy

Duncan, BC Best Employer:
Employees: 9 In Business Since: 2013

After graduating from physiotherapy school in Amsterdam, I had the dream to live and work in Canada. For me to do this, I needed to be eligible for immigration to Canada and also pass my board exams.

I applied for a job from Amsterdam without any of these and my employers Vince and Patrick were willing to help me out. It cost them energy, time and money to help a total stranger achieve his dream. They recognized talent and motivation and were willing to take the risk with me. Both immigration and licensing process was very hard and even after failing the board exams the first time they kept believing in me and kept supporting me. I am grateful and happy to work for an employer this supporting.

I nominate them because they made a huge impact on my life and future. Without there help, I wouldn’t be here and I would not be the physiotherapist I am now.

Muhammet Yamali

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