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Lux Insights

North Vancouver, BC Best Employer:
Employees: 13 In Business Since: 2009

Lux Insights’ purpose is to ‘foster flourishing’. Our annual employee survey shows 100% of our employees feel valued & agree Lux gives them opportunities to flourish. Turnover is very low, with only 3 employees in 9 years voluntarily leaving, all for personal reasons.
20% of our profits are shared with employees, with past amounts as high as 25% of salary.
This year we have dedicated $45,000 to professional development, the largest fixed expenditure in our budget after salaries and rent.
A 3-day out-of-town annual retreat & quarterly updates provide full transparency to all employees about Lux’s financial performance and strategy, and how they can contribute. Lux has been profitable since year 2 and has never had any debt.
We celebrate successes using our Wheel of Fortune-style spin wheel, rewarding everyone with fun team prizes like Earnest ice cream & movie tickets.
We encourage balance by giving all employees 3-4 weeks vacation, offering telecommuting, Give Back days and more.

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