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Kleiner Services Inc – Professional Movers

Burnaby, BC Best Employer:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 20 In Business Since: 2013

Kleiner Services deserves to win this award for their employee development, training and culture.
We strive to change the values and perception of this industry. We have changed the previous expectations of low wages and unpredictable work schedules in our industry with living wages and consistent income for our employees. We prioritize our team with education and leadership to lead by example which inturns provides consistent quality of work and respect for our clients and community. We instill trust and empower our team to become leaders in the industry. We teach our teams to be trustworthy and respectful to not only our clients but our environment. Our clients reflect on the positive nature and the exceptional performance by sharing positive reviews. We provide performance and customer satisfaction incentives to reward our team for their great performance. We provide professional development training and monthly staff appreciation incentives and quarterly social events/meetings.

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