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Jess Dance

Vancouver, BC Best Employer:
Employees: 1 In Business Since: 2015

Jess Dance is a group of passionate teachers versed in dance, yoga movement, visual and expressive arts. We create one or two-week long, school-wide programs offered onsite during school hours with an option of a culminating choreographed student performance.  Programs can highlight more than one discipline. Group sizes are the school’s choice.  Secondary students are offered mentorship while they create their own choreography as well as feedback and adjudication on the presentation day.  We tailor our programs to the school’s vision, goals and budget.   We also offer performances for any occasion as well as professional development for educators.

At the end of our programs, students have achieved a deep sense of accomplishment and have developed tools of creative expression they are eager to share. They have built confidence within themselves, and have created a connection to their bodies, their abilities, their fellow classmates, their teachers and the school.  They have also developed a sense of “I can,” which affects every aspect of their life including academia and extra-curricular activities.

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