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Vancouver, BC Best Employer:
Employees: 9 In Business Since: 2014

The innovation is that Freightera has taken the complex process of freight forwarding to the digital age by making Freightera, the Expedia for freight. It allows companies to have dozens of quotes in seconds online. They identified a niche in freight transportation that showed most forms of freight transportation operated with 30% under capacity.

Since they save time, money, space they have been acknowledged as a green technology by Forbes, Bloomberg, Equities, NBC and others and in 2016 wrote the thought leadership statement on the green future of freight at the G7 in Japan. They also presented a brief on reducing carbon emission in the freight industry to the UN Climate Change in Morocco. In 2018 they won the Sustainabilty Award at the Clean 50 Summit in Toronto.

In 2018, Entrepreneur Magazine featured Freightera and the Ceo in the article “Why All Businesses Can Benefit From a Guiding Social or Environmental Purpose”

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