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Emelle’s Catering

Vancouver, BC Best Employer:
Employees: 40 In Business Since: 1999

Emelle’s is celebrating 20 years in business and 3 new industry awards in 2019. This recognition signifies Vancouver’s love for Emelle’s as the go-to caterer. Emelle’s venue partners include Science World, Vancouver Rowing Club, Law Courts Inn, & more.

“Emelle’s is very inclusive. Every creed, every colour, we have it here,” head chef Darren Upshaw says of a diverse team that represents a spectrum of physical and mental abilities, sexual orientations & cultural backgrounds.

“Emelle’s donates their time and creativity every year to create this one-of-a-kind, unique and extremely detailed gingerbread house—a real piece of art,” says Emma Liffen, Director of Philanthropy at B.C. Lions Society.

“We recycle anything and everything,” says Upshaw, “Our food waste, metals, glass and plastics are picked up every week, and our dishwasher personally takes the pop cans & bottles to the depot.”

Emelle’s has made a large impact on their community over two decades.

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