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Duffy Baker Construction Corp

Penticton, BC Best Employer:
Employees: 17 In Business Since: 2014

Duffy Baker Construction has amazing workplace culture in that they have always strived to make sure that employees feel like family and are understood and supported in all facets of life. They have made it a priority to have fun events to facilitate the growth of relationships amongst all employees and help to foster positive bonds and friendships that go beyond the workplace. They also have always had an open door policy that allows employees to feel and know that it is a safe place to come and express any concerns or issues they are facing in the workplace. I feel very lucky to work for Duffy because I am still able to prioritize my job as a mother and they have always made it easy for me do any mom duties, such as pick up and drop off the kids at school or even bring the kids to work with me if the situation required it. They have empowered me to love what I do as an administrator. Duffy and Koa deserve this award because they work hard to make sure our whole team feels supported.

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