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Cedar, BC Best Employer:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 41 In Business Since: 2011

At COCO Cafe our mission is to provide employment, training, and socialization opportunities for people with developmental disabilities within their community. COCO Cafe is a social enterprise governed by Cedar Opportunities Cooperative, a community run coop in Cedar, BC.

Our Cafe quantifies its success by the number of supported hours we can provide to our employees with varying intellectual and developmental disabilities. In 2014 we provided 3400 hours of supported employment. In four years, we have increased this number by nearly 200%. This year we are on track to provide 10,000 hours of employment to members of our community who are often overlooked.

COCO Cafe currently employs 41 individuals, more than 50% of whom have developmental disabilities. All of our team members are paid a fair living wage and have the opportunity to receive extended medical benefits. We place value on the diverse abilities each of our team member possesses.

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