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ActiveCo Technology Management

Port Coquitlam, BC Best Employer:
Employees: 19 In Business Since: 1999

At ActiveCo, we integrate our processes and culture together. This is a fractal partnership for our talent strategy, and it ensures we have our company’s and our individual’s best interests at heart. Everyday we work on cultivating a culture of openness to increase motivation and allow for team collaboration, holding employee loyalty as the paramount. Our culture allows everyone to have a voice, encourages our employees to speak up, and respects all inputs. We focus our efforts on forming a strong bond with each individual employee through continuous employee development, weekly team building sessions, and constructive feedback check-ins. At ActiveCo, we emphasize the importance of hiring the right person for the right position instead of hiring with the sole purpose of filling open vacancies. ActiveCo Technology Management is committed to creating a diverse work environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer who promotes inclusivity.

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