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Vancouver, BC Best Concept:
Employees: 1 In Business Since: 2017

VIP KIDS is the first professional mobile childminding business in Vancouver! We strive for quality care and have set a standard for childminding as currently very little requirements are made when it comes to childminding in BC. We have implemented caregiver to child ratios, space requirements and obtained liability insurance to protect the VIP KIDS in our care.

VIP KIDS has found a niche in the market giving parents the ability to enjoy their “adult events” with their children close to their side. VIP KIDS will go to your wedding, or event and transform a separate space into a onsite childminding room. Parents can sign their children in and enjoy their event, “kid free”.

This business idea has solved the solution of “No kids allowed at the wedding.” While also giving parents the option to have their children close by, no matter if the event is family friendly or adults only.

VIP KIDS has been working exclusively with high end planners and now are ready to expand their services.

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