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Lifeguard Health Inc.

Vancouver, BC Best Concept:
Employees: 10 In Business Since: 2017

In January 2018, BC’s Chief Coroner reported that 88% of illicit drug overdose deaths occurred inside private residences and other indoor locations. Drug users and their families are desperate to protect themselves from fentanyl poisoning.  Emergency services are looking for innovative ways to reach people in time for overdose treatment.

LifeGuardOD is a smartphone application created to keep substance users connected with emergency services and with timely, full-cycle recovery options.

The app temporarily records important details about a user’s experience and monitors his or her responsiveness, alerting appropriate emergency services and sharing life-saving specifics should the need arise.

Once out of immediate danger, the user is confidentially connected with treatment options if he or she chooses.

All this is accomplished with a couple of taps!

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