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Flow 2 Freedom Apparel Inc.

Vancouver, BC Best Concept:
Employees: 1 In Business Since: 2018

One in three females suffer from Menorrhagia, a condition better known as heavy menstrual bleeding. It’s a taboo topic that no one seems to address or talk about due to the stigma. Women and girls all over the world suffer in silence and often either have to miss work or school. It is recommended from doctors and other health professionals that exercising during your period can often alleviate some of the uncomfortable symptoms but unfortunately many avoid physical activity at all cost due to the risk of leakage. I started Flow 2 Freedom Apparel in hopes to find a solution to this problem as I am one of those women. I have developed a line of high quality leak proof fitness apparel which is not only fashionable but also moisture wicking, absorbent, odour preventing, made out of ecologically friendly materials and sustainable. If I could provide relief for even just one person, how great would that be?

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