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Fit Mama Fitness Inc

Vancouver, BC Best Concept:
Employees: 1 In Business Since: 2018

Identifying not only the physical needs of a new mom, but also the nutritional and mental wellness, puts Fit Mama in a unique position. An isolated, lonely, tired and overwhelmed new mother is struggling to source concise health and fitness advice – at an affordable price, at a time that suits her, and with access to professionals. A holistic personal training platform that moms can access all of this, and more, will become the number one online choice for women in Canada – and beyond.

Founded by single mom, and a Canadian immigrant, Michelle is dedicated to helping her peers thrive both at home whilst on maternity leave, and crucially – when our moms return to the workplace.
Fit Mama will work closely with HR teams through an innovative B2B proposition – helping to strengthen the individual women to hit C-Suite roles, whilst rocking the baby!
Working with women, who are also mothers, to achieve a true thriving economy. That is Fit Mama!

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