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Woash Wellness

Vancouver, BC Best Company:
Employees: 2 In Business Since: 2018

Woash Wellness hit the wellness scene with a bang, quickly becoming a leading brand with a loyal community, growing retailers and claiming its space on social media. From its instant growth into retail, and striking online sales they thought they had it made. Quickly learning the buzz only lasts so long they had to get creative and fast to maintain their buzz in the market and continued growth.

Going all in they partnered with larger corporations such as Lululemon and Kit and Ace, popping up everywhere they could that aligned with their brand values and customers. The founder, Cassy utilized connections, saying yes to aligned community driven events, was fully transparent about her business and got her community involved in the ebs and flows of her business journey.

Cassy’s vision for WOASH has never been small, which has been the driver from the beginning to build a solid foundation to sustain growth and scalability. Doing the work early on so they are ready for what is next.

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