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Studio 64 Hair Design

Langley, BC Best Company:
Employees: 11 In Business Since: 2011

Studio 64 Hair Design has been a business for 9 years and is by definition, built from the ground up.
With very little to start out with the business has served the langley community and now has grown to provide employment for 11 incredably talented service providers within the beauty industry. With the help of its clients , Studio 64 Hair Design provides a wonderful friendly atmosphere and has become a staple within the Langley community.
Its employees benefit from continued education in their field of expertise, making the business a leading beauty salon and putting its customers first above all. The staff prides themselves on their employment with Studio 64 and even go above and beyond to add to the culture of the business.
In summary Studio 64 Hair Design is not just a beauty salon , but a symbol of what true determination, personal growth, skill and leadership can do in the small business world.

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