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Opticrane Inc.

Maple Ridge, BC Best Company:
Employees: 6 In Business Since: 2007

Paul Roussel is the founder and manager of OptiCrane Inc. OptiCrane Inc. benefits crane owners and developers by improving crane efficiency, safety, compliance and asset preventive maintenance on any type of project.

OptiCrane Inc. provides services technologically advanced products as aids to enhance the safety and risk management requirements associated with construction cranes through the integration of Engineered devices such as range limiters, viewing systems as well as mobile based management solutions. In addition, various other types of blind spot management systems as well as operator alert systems for all types of Industrial equipment are pushing OptiCrane Inc. to be on the forefront of all new technology.

OptiCrane Inc. was and remains only possible by the continued adoption of an acute attention to detail attitude as well as an understanding of the regulatory requirements for Compliance in each jurisdiction these devices integrate within the controls as operator aids.

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