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Elate Cosmetics

Victoria, BC Best Company:
Employees: 12 In Business Since: 2014

At Elate, our goal is to become the world’s first waste free cosmetic company. We are committed to empower everyone to use the best possible products for their daily rituals. We do this by creating safe effective beauty products using cruelty-free ingredients, ethical marketing and sustainable practices. We use the best quality ingredients, and source organic, non-GMO whenever possible, if our fair and ethical trade mandate can be met.

We are currently at approximately 75% waste free, and the next 25% will be achieved within the next four years.

The company has 160 retailers across North America, Hong Kong, Austraila.

We have continuously doubled revenued each of the last four years in business.

In 2018 we exceeded sales by 300%.

In 2017 Elate donated over $12,000 to local and international causes, mainly supporting women, children and LGBQT+ events, charities and causes. That is 2% of our total revenue.

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