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Central Park Business Centre

Vancouver, BC Best Company:
Employees: 5 In Business Since: 1987

In the small yet vibrant community of Collingwood lives a Business Centre by the name of Central Park Business Centre (CPBC). A hub for small business owners and entrepreneurs alike, CPBC has become the #1 choice for those wishing to give their business, “a home it deserves”
What makes CPBC unique is the care and attention that each client receives.
Customer service is the #1 reason why people still do business. And that fact is often lost on new companies. At CPBC, customer service is in our DNA, it’s an integral part of how we present ourselves and how we deal with clients. For more than 31 years CPBC has been an epicenter for commerce in Collingwood, helping local owners to ramp up and launch their business to the next level. Be that a lifelong partnership or simply a stepping stone to move onto greater things.
CPBC is the supportive arm that each business needs to help them achieve what they desire. From admin and sales support, to marketing and finance assistance.

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