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CEFA Early Learning

Vancouver, BC Best Company:
Employees: 1 In Business Since: 1998

CEFA Early Learning is Canada’s leading private school for children ages one to five. CEFA’s proprietary, world-class curriculum was created by studying international best practices and incorporates the latest research in behavioural and developmental sciences and psychology. The contemporary blend of core subjects (such as reading and STEM) and fine arts (such as drama and yoga) provides children with the freedom to develop and grow through experimental learning and play. CEFA Certified Teachers continually seek and suggest ways to update curriculum through new activities and educational techniques.

Founded by Natacha V. Beim in 1998 with the goal of preparing children for school and for life, CEFA’s enriched curriculum ensures that each subject is taught through games and play, rather than in a traditional school format. CEFA is proud to be a Canadian company headquartered in Vancouver, with 23 locations and counting.

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