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YUNITI Lifestyle

Vancouver, BC Best Community Impact:
Employees: 5 In Business Since: 2017

It is a distinct pleasure to nominate YUNITI Lifestyle for the Best Community Impact Award. The business’s effort is highly conducive to improving the local community’s health and wellness.

As a local lifestyle brand, the business aimed to improve the well-being of every individual in Vancouver by collaborating with local gyms and clinics in planning health-oriented events and sessions. Also, to raise the effectiveness, YUNITI invested in the community by giving away free foam rollers to promote being active to achieve the overall goal of uniting our peers and bring a positive impact to the community.

Through multiple challenges in seeking like-minded businesses to partner-up with, YUNITI Lifestyle has made a difference within the community, exemplified the mission of the local collaborations, and has positively impacted the people of our city. Our persistence, dedication and vision to help others in this community make us a distinguished nominee for this Community Impact Award.

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