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veza Community

Langley, BC Best Community Impact:
Employees: 3 In Business Since: 2009

veza is an ecosystem to drive positive change by elevating women of culturally diverse backgrounds. veza is a global ecosystem created to elevate women to achieve their full potential and become leaders and drivers of positive change. We believe that women of all culturally diverse backgrounds deserve an impactful, abundant and healthy life. Each veza initiative brings together women of culturally diverse backgrounds to build a community around a specific activity, industry or issue. Every community is a self-perpetuating platform for learning, coaching, support and leadership benefits. veza then seeks to connect these communities into an ecosystem multiplying and acting as a platform for distributing those benefits.
veza is elevating women of culturally diverse backgrounds to inspire them to think bigger, create more impact and be the best version of themselves on a global stage. Recently, veza hosted a very successful trade mission of Canadian women entrepreneurs to Croatia.

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