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Unbuilders Deconstruction

Vancouver, BC Best Community Impact:
Employees: 13 In Business Since: 2019

We are trailblazing an industry shift from demolition & landfill to deconstruction & salvage. In an industry that spends less than 2% on R&D, it takes foresight, will and grit to get out in front and set a trend. No single company in Canada has a bigger positive environmental & social impact than unbuilding does and would once the industry catches up. We divert 50 tonnes of material per job and create 6 jobs to every 1 demolition job. We are partnered with Habitat for Humanity and the used building materials are donated to them on each job. Habitat sells the materials to fund the construction of affordable housing. This donation is appraised and the home owner receives a tax receipt for their appraised donation. This tax receipt typically lowers the overall deconstruction cost below that of demolition. Thus home owners satisfy a triple bottom line by hiring Unbuilders – planet, people, profit.

We don’t destroy your old house, we unbuild it!

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