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TOMATIS -Learning to Listen

Vancouver, BC Best Community Impact:
Employees: 1 In Business Since: 2016

Tomatis Sound Therapy is essentially a sound stimulation program that stimulates the central nervous system particularly the sensory system. Through the process of neuroplasticity it educates, re-educates and re-organizes the auditory pathways allowing the system to receive and process our sensory environment and sound world efficiently. Impacting Emotions, Language, Memory, Attention.
Jennifer came to Canada in 2015 as family member that needed special education due to learning disabilities. This led her into the world of Neuroplasticity.
The sales and profit of this business has more than doubled since this time last year mostly though word of mouth.
This is a fabulous industry we really get results and helping people overcome their life challenges. Working closely with families, the elderly, learning disabilities, autism, emotional dis-regulation, ADHD The brain can change and we can help as we continue to move with the evolution of science and technology.

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