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Hireys Inc

Vancouver, BC Best Community Impact:
Employees: 9 In Business Since: 2016

Who Are We? We are the equivalent of Amazon, for the service industry. You will find professionals in any field imaginable on our app & website, and if you don’t, maybe that’s an unexplored niche and you should create a business profile for it yourself! It only takes 30 seconds, and it is completely free.

Why Vote for Us? Take a look at the level of innovation in physical merchandise across the last two decades, and take a look again at the level of innovation in services. You’ll find that most services you can recall off the top of your head have been around for a 100 years, but the products around you now didn’t even exist 10 years ago! Through lowering the barrier to entry, you’ll finally start to see interesting new services that enrich your life. From open sea fishing guide to VBA Macro Instructor to Sleep-Trainer for your newborn, we can truly appreciate the uniqueness and convenience fitting of our times.

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