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Headwaters Strategy Group

Vancouver, BC Best Community Impact:
Employees: 4 In Business Since: 2016

The Headwater Group can help your organization build effective and lasting decisions.

We work with communities, Aboriginal groups and governments in charting a course through natural resource development. Communities are the human centre of resource projects; developing a collaborative community-project relationship and social license has become a critical part of any natural resource development project.

We understand the sensitivity and challenge of reviewing, designing and implementing natural resource projects. Our team has key experience in:

  • Oil and Gas – upstream oil and gas development
  • Pipeline and Transmission – petroleum pipeline and electrical transmission corridor design and development
  • Forestry – forest management planning and policy

We are experts in bridging people and the environment. All environmental process work involves working with people, communities, regulators, communities and industry in deciding how a project will be structured and managed. Our team has experience in:

  • Environmental regulatory process
  • Environmental assessment
  • Environmental management
  • Environmental mitigation planning

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