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Coulson Ice Blast

Port Alberni, BC Best Community Impact:
Employees: 12 In Business Since: 2016

Coulson Ice Blast is leading innovation in the blasting and industrial cleaning industries. The only company globally to be blasting with h20 ice as blast media. CIB machines use 95% less water than traditional methods (high pressure washers, sandblasters etc.) making it a first choice in many countries and cities where water shortages are happening. Blasting with h20 ice produces less airborne contaminants making it a more environmentally friendly alternative as well as safer for operators.
In the blasting industry there have been no changes or innovations in the last 30 years and Coulson Ice Blast has established itself as a disrupter in the industry. CIB is quickly establishing a global distribution network. Research and development takes place at the main office and lead by a small team of world class engineers.

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