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Chewie Media

Chilliwack, BC Best Community Impact:
Employees: 2 In Business Since: 2011

Chewie Media is a home-grown and agile website design, website development, design, branding, and video company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia as well as Brooks, Alberta. We scour the internet, magazines, and tubes of the world to bring our customers fresh and exciting options for their projects – from branding and websites all the way to event videography and motion graphics; we exist to make things that excite us as designers. With over a decade of experience in producing media elements, the staff at Chewie Media have been blessed with being able to do something that they are truly passionate about day in and day out.

To explain as simply as possible, Chewie builds things online for people to use and enjoy. While there is a lot more to this process, Chewie only really concerns itself with this one thing; it’s not enough for Chewie to just build something, it has to be an enjoyable experience to use as well.

Making things for others is a difficult thing, and ensuring that people enjoy using those things is even harder; that’s why Chewie builds everything with this desire in mind. This one idea also helped Chewie come up with a list of guidelines whenever it does anything!

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