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Central Park Farms

Langley, BC Best Community Impact:
Employees: 3 In Business Since: 2015

With a goal of helping our community make ethical and sustainable food choices, Central Park Farms works tirelessly to support local food production here in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver. Through partnerships with local food banks, we donate hundreds of pounds of meat to families in need each year. We also host multiple long table events annually with proceeds going to the Nutrition Coupon Program put on by the BCAFM giving those in need in our community access to fresh and healthy foods at local participating farmers markets — This not only helps families but keeps the revenue in the hands of small-scale farmers. Our business owner, Kendall Ballantine also sits on the board of local non-profit the Langley Community Farmers Market Society which helps support food security and farmers by providing this vital community service to Langley. We also put a focus on helping support the marketing efforts of other small-scale farmers to foster a collaborative mindset amongst our peers.

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