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Woash Wellness

Vancouver, BC Best Youth Entrepreneur:
Employees: 2 In Business Since: 2018

From business idea to launch day in 5 months, WOASH has been determined to disrupt the tea industry, making a large bang the day they launched, “WOASH was not here one day and everywhere the next” – Lifestyle Podcast Host. With a community of committed buyers awaiting their launch they are determined to do things a little faster than everyone else, push the limits, make tea a rooted daily ritual and grow organically into the new online tea hub.

Noticing a gap in the industry between the tradition of tea in South East Asia and North America the founder, Cassy is determined to re-educate and modernize tea sippers by making it intentional, approachable and beneficial. This has enabled them to gain a loyal community, rapidly grow their online and offline presence, partner with large corporations and build a solid foundation to support their growth into their evolving e-commerce future.

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