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Sea to Sky Sourdough BReD Inc.

Whistler, BC Best Youth Entrepreneur:
Top 10 Semi-Finalist
Employees: 5 In Business Since: 2019

We are a 100% plant-based bakery cafe specialising in naturally-leavened organic sourdough bread made with the best local ingredients we can source, changing our menu with the seasons.

Commercial bread is often made with GMO flours and baker’s yeast, however, our bread is baker’s yeast-free and slow-proofed, with an emphasis on ancient grains. For our small baked items, we even house-mill grains. We support local mills/farmers and buy direct.

Many gluten-intolerant people avoid bread: now they buy our sourdough and say “It’s the only bread I can eat!” We are making a difference to people’s lives.
Our kitchen is on full view too because we want people to trust us, that there is nothing in our bread that shouldn’t be there – you can watch the whole process.
Environmental sustainability is key: We only serve our coffee and baked goods in compostable packaging and do not offer plastic bags or straws etc.

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