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Elevate Ultimate

Burnaby / Vancouver, BC Best Youth Entrepreneur:
Employees: 2 In Business Since: 2016

Elevate was started in 2016 by Co-Founders Ari and Jocelyn (who are now in their 3rd year of dating as well). Ari dropped out of the Beedie School of Business in his 3rd year, and Jocelyn dropped out of a full-time teaching contract, so they could pursue their dream of owning a business.

With Ultimate looking to be in the Olympics by 2028, our vision is to be a world leader in Ultimate Frisbee training for youth. Our goal is to start licensing out our program Canada wide in the next 2-3 years, and globally in the next 5-10.

In 2019, we reached over 5,000 athletes through a combination of In-School PE programs and after-school programs. We have also Graduated 5 high-school students that were in our volunteer-based Leadership in Training program, and now get paid to coach in our various programs.

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